Read Permissions for Students


After you add content to the Content Collection, you must grant permission to make the content accessible to users and groups of users. You can allow students to view all files in the Content Collection or restrict certain files or folders. 

Add or restrict read permissions for students: 

  1. Enter a Course.
  2. Select Content Collection under Control Panel.
  3. Select the Course ID.
  4. Select the Course Content chevron
  5. Select Permissions.
  6. Scroll over Select Specific Users By Place, then select Course.
  7. Select the Course, Role (student) and Permissions (read).
  8. Select Submit
  9. Confirm Students have read access only to the content. If you don't want students have read access to all files, continue with the steps below:
    1. Select the File or Folder in your Content Collection that you do not want students to be able to access.
      We suggest putting all files you do not want students to have access to in one folder so that setting the permission on the folder denies access to all files in that folder instead of selecting the permission on each file.
    2. Select Permissions
    3. Select the Student Read Permissions checkbox.
    4. Select Delete.
    5. Select OK.
    6. Students will no longer have access to the File or Folder where permissions were removed.


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