WVU+kc Proposal Development Module FAQ


The Proposal module of the Kuali Coeus electronic research administration tool, known as WVU+kc, allows for the creation and submission of external funding requests to the Office of Sponsored Programs. OSP requests that all proposals be submitted in complete and final form through WVU+kc at least five working days prior to an agency deadline. For more information about the proposal submission process, see the Office of Sponsored Programs website.

Yes, there is an overview video as well as training documents located in the KC section of this knowledge base. View the Getting Started with WVU+kc Proposal Development article to learn more.
EBS was retired on January 15, 2016. All proposals are now required to be submitted via WVU+kc.
To familiarize yourself with the functionality of WVU+kc, ITS suggests that you either attend an in-person training session or view a training video prior to submitting a proposal. If you have attended training or feel that you are familiar with WVU+kc from using the IRB Protocol module, visit the WVU+kc Requests service page to request access to create a proposal in WVU+kc.
If you cannot find your sponsor when doing a lookup in the Sponsor Code field, try searching for the sponsor's acronym or enter a particular part of the sponsor's name in the search field. For example, you could search for the National Institute for Food & Agriculture by entering "NIFA" or by entering "food" in the search field. If your sponsor still does not show up, click on the link in the system to request to add a new sponsor. This request will be sent directly to the Office of Sponsored Programs.
WVU+kc will only allow one person to be indicated as the principal investigator on a proposal. If you are submitting a proposal to NIH that allows multiple PIs only one can be the lead PI at WVU on the Personnel page. Once on the Questionnaire page, you will be able to indicate that this project includes multiple program directors or PIs.

Select the center as the lead unit/department on the main Proposal page in order for the project to be associated with the center, should it be funded in the future. Selecting a center associates credit for the project, should funding be received in the future, with the center. A Supplemental Form A should be completed and submitted if the task funding for this project requires that the funding run through a department and not the center listed as the lead unit. Please note that a departmental activity (DA) number will need to be provided on the Supplemental Form A for all financial obligations of the project. For additional information, see Designating Centers in WVU+kc.

If you cannot find your center in the lead unit/department lookup, you can request that your center be added to WVU+kc by completing and submitting this form.

For more information about establishing an official WVU center, see the WVU Research Office website.

The lead unit/department selected on the Proposal page will automatically be associated with the Principal Investigator selected on the Personnel page. To add additional centers or departments to a person, search in the Unit section for that person and add all affiliations that should be associated with this particular proposal.
Only one person is able to edit a proposal document at a time. If you login to your proposal and see a message that it is locked for editing by someone, that person may currently be in the proposal editing it. If you know that the person who has locked the document is not currently editing it, they did not close out of the document by clicking the close button at the bottom of the page once they were finished editing it. Most likely, they closed the browser by clicking the red X in the right hand corner of the browser. Locks generally expire after 24 hours. If you need to access this lock before then, you can ask that person to login, open the proposal, and click the close button at the bottom of the page. If the person who locked the document is not available to unlock the document, please submit a ticket or contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at 304-293-3998 and request that the document be unlocked by providing the proposal number and PI name.
Unlike EBS, workflow routing is built into WVU+kc, so you will not have to manually add the names of approvers to your proposal. Approvers will be based off of the lead unit/department that is selected in your proposal. In an order to streamline proposal submissions in WVU+kc, only one approver will be required by the PI's college for each proposal. Co-Investigator college approvals will not be required for a proposal unless it includes cost-sharing or facilities renovation.
Departmental chairs will not be required to actively approve a proposal in WVU+kc. Instead, all departmental chairpersons associated with a proposal will receive an FYI email notification once a proposal has been submitted that includes their department. You will be able to login to the application and review the proposal. Should you hav any issues with the proposal, you will need to contact your college-level approver or the Office of Sponsored Programs to request that the proposal be sent back to the PI for edits.  
Unlike EBS, once a proposal is submitted in WVU+kc and is in routing, it is not editable. If you need to make changes to a submitted proposal, you have two options: (1) you can contact your unit approver and ask for the proposal to be returned to you for revisions or (2) you can recall the proposal from routing. If you recall your proposal from routing, it will be required to go back into the approval workflow once it is resubmitted. Once at OSP, your proposal may be sent back for major or minor changes. If the proposal is sent back for major changes, such as a budget adjustment, it will be required to go back to your dean-level approver for approval before going back to OSP.

After a proposal is submitted, it will enter routing for approval. To see where your proposal is in the routing process, navigate to the Proposal Actions page and open the Route Log section. In the Pending Action Requests section, you will see if the proposal is waiting on someone to approve it before it reaches the Office of Sponsored Programs. Once the proposal reaches OSP, the Pending Action Requests section will display the names of the members of the OSP Pre-Award Unit.

If someone other than the PI submits a proposal, the PI must first login and approve the proposal before it will be routed to a unit approver.

Since July 1, 2013, the Office of Sponsored Program has entered data into WVU+kc for proposals submitted in EBS. To access your old proposals, navigate to the menu bar and hover over Proposals. Click the Search Proposals Submitted to Sponsor link. You will need to enter search criteria to find your particular proposals such as the PI name in the Principal Investigator field or the OSP number in the OSP Number field. Open the proposal you want to view from the list of search results by clicking the Open link. A file of the full proposal submitted will be located in the Notes & Attachments section of the main Institutional Proposal page. For more information, see How to Find Proposals in KC Blue Sheet.
The initial release of the Proposal module of WVU+kc will not allow for direct system-to-system (S2S) proposal submissions to Grants.gov.  However, S2S will be integrated in a future iteration of the Kuali Coeus Proposal and Budget module.


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