eRS Information


The eCampus course request system or eRS is a faculty system and is used for the following items:

  • Requesting content from a different instructor's course. The instructor or department chair who owns the content will need to send approval by email to eCampus for you to use their course content. The eRS request will not be completed until we receive the approval.

  • Requesting a new Development Shell

  • Requesting a new Collaborate Session

  • Enrolling a TA in your course

  • Enrolling a student making up an incomplete as an Auditor in your course

How do I access eRS?

Go to and log in using your Login credentials.

Note: If you are requesting to have a Course Builder, Instructor or Student enrolled into a STAR credit course, please go through STAR/Banner since eCampus Support cannot directly enroll users into these roles for STAR credit courses.


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