Unlock Your Login Account


WVU passwords expire after one year. If you let your password expire, your account will go into locked status. Additionally, if you've attempted and failed to log into a WVU system too many times, your account will be locked. If you have recently changed your password and your account is locked, see the Login Account Keeps Locking article for troubleshooting information.

How do I unlock my Login account?

  1. Go to login.wvu.edu and click Unlock Account.

  2. Enter your username and click Continue.

  3. Select one of the identity verification options to be sent a passcode either by text, voice message or email to your non-WVU phone number or email address. Click Continue.

    Note: You will not see all three verification options if you did not provide a non-WVU email address and mobile phone number during the account claiming process. If you want to add or change your recovery contacts, go to login.wvu.edu.

  4. When you receive the passcode, enter it and click Continue.

  5. You will see an on-screen message notifying you that your attempt has been successful. You will also receive an email to your WVU email address letting you know that your account has been unlocked successfully.


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