Adding a Zoom Tool Link in eCampus

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This article provides information on how to add a Zoom Meeting tool link in your eCampus course. 

How to  Zoom Tool Link in eCampus:

  1. Log into, then click into a course.
  2. Select the Content Area you want the link to Zoom to appear. 
  3. Click the Tools drop down menu, and then More Tools. Select Zoom Meeting
  4. Click the Submit button. There should now be a Zoom Meetings link in the content area.
  5. Click on the Zoom Meetings link in the content area.
    • You will be taken to a Zoom page that lists all the upcoming Zoom course meetings you have scheduled and allows you to schedule a new Zoom meeting. 
    • This page also has tabs for prior meetings and meeting recordings you have saved in the cloud. 
  6. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button in the upper right-hand side of the page to schedule a class meeting. 
    • You will be taken to a meeting setup page where you can schedule the date and time of your class meeting and select the options you want for that meeting.
    • See Zoom: Scheduling meetings for an explanation of the different options offered.
  7. Click the button for the type of device you are using for details. 
    • You can edit the meeting settings or delete the meeting from the meeting setup page. 
    • If needed, copy the Join URL for the meeting so that you can send it to your students. 
  8. Once you have scheduled a meeting, click Save. Your new class meeting will be added to the Zoom Upcoming Meetings page in eCampus. 

Note: You will have to activate your Zoom account link to eCampus the first time you click the Zoom link. A message will ask you to check your MIX account for an email where you can click a link to Activate Your Zoom Account. Then, refresh the eCampus page to see the Zoom integration page.


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