Sending Course Messages and Email in eCampus


You can send private communication to course participants through the Course Messages tool or the Send Email tool in eCampus.

The Course Message tool is an internal message delivery system. Recipients can see and respond to these messages when they are logged into eCampus and click the Messages link.

The Send Email tool sends messages to the recipients' external email account (typically their MIX gmail account).

How to send a course message:

  1. In eCampus, click the Course Messages link in the Course Menu.
  2. Click Create Message.
  3. Click the To button to view the class list. Select your recipient(s).
    Note: Each recipient can see who else received the same message.
  4. Enter a Subject and compose your message.
  5. Click Submit to send the message.

How to send an email:

  1. In eCampus, click the Send Email link in the Course Menu.
  2. Select your recipient(s). You can select individuals or specific groups. Several predefined groups are listed based on roles.
  3. Enter a Subject and compose your message.
  4. Click Submit to send your email.

Export your eCampus mailing list: 

  1. In your course, select Course Management > Users and Groups > Users
  2. Select Show All
  3. Select or highlight all records, then use keyboard commands to copy (CTR + C for Windows, Command + C for Mac). 
  4. Open an Excel spreadsheet and use keyboard commands to paste the information in cell A1 (CTR + V for Windows, Command + V for Mac). 
  5. In cell B1, paste the following: 
  6. Copy the data from B1 to the end of the list. 


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