View Your Course Schedule


You can access your class schedule through the WVU Portal.

How do I view my course schedule?

  1. Go to
  2. If prompted, sign in with your Login credentials.
  3. Your STAR Schedule will be displayed for the current semester.
  4. If you would like to view additional information, click on the STAR button.
  5. Click Student Services and Housing.
  6. Click Access Registration Tools.
  7. There are 4 sections on this page and the bottom right section labeled Look-up Schedule Details will provide multiple views of your previous and currently registered schedules.
  8. Click Look-up Schedule Details.
  9. Select the corresponding term for the schedule you would like to review.
    Note: Your currently registered courses can be accessed under the Active Registrations tab.
  10. Once you have selected a term, the courses for that term will be listed in the top section and a weekly schedule of when the sections meet will display at the bottom. If you need additional information about the courses, click the Schedule Details tab in the bottom section.


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