Creating a Test

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You can use online tests to measure student knowledge and gauge progress. This article how to create a test, add questions, and make the test available to students.

How to Create a Test:

  1. From within your Course Site on the Control Panel, select Course Tools.
  2. Select Tests, Surveys, and Pools
  3. Select Tests 
  4. Select Build Test
  5. On the Test Information page, fill in the name field. Optionally, provide a description and instructions. 
  6. Select Submit
  7. On the Test Canvas, from the Create Question menu, select a question type.
  8. On the Create/Edit page, provide the necessary information to create a question.
  9. Select Submit.
  10. When you have added all the questions you need, select OK. The test is added to the list on the Tests page and is ready to make available to students.

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