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The WVU Portal (portal.wvu.edu) is a single location for key information. Admits, students, employees and faculty have separate views in the WVU Portal with links and information relevant to each group.

If you are unfamiliar with the WVU Portal, read through our frequently asked questions.

The WVU Portal (portal.wvu.edu) is a single location for all current students, admits, faculty, and employees to access key information. The WVU Portal focuses on student needs and is intended to surface key academic items, such as eCampus, STAR, Grades, and email from a single location, while granting single sign on access to as many of the student applications as possible.
The WVU Portal contains links to several applications, including MIX Gmail. All students and teaching faculty have MIX Gmail accounts. 

Your view in the WVU Portal is dependent of your role at WVU. It is possible to have multiple views available to you in the WVU Portal if, for example, you are both a WVU student and employee. You may switch between views by hovering over the menu icon on the left side of the screen. Based on your role, you will see Admit, Student, Employee and Faculty views. Views also vary by campus. For example, only Morgantown campus users will see local transportation information.

The WVU Portal is a completely Web-based system. You can access the WVU Portal from anywhere that you have an internet connection. The only software required is a supported Web browser. You will additionally need an active Login account to sign into the WVU Portal.
If you are a former student, you will will lose access to the WVU Portal 100 days after graduating. If you need to access your email, view our MIX Gmail Account Information for Former Students article. If you need to access STAR (for example, to view your transcript), go to star.wvu.edu.
The WVU Portal is designed to work with multiple Web browsers and has been verified to run properly when using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you are having trouble accessing the WVU Portal, you may need to update your Web browser. If you are unable to access the WVU Portal while using Microsoft Edge, you may need to Add WVU Sites to the List of Trusted Sites.
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