Teaching Assistants in eCampus


Requests for a Teaching Assistant (TA) may be submitted through eRS (http://ers.wvu.edu). After submitting a person enrollment for the TA, that person will receive an email directing them to the COC system. The TA will be enrolled after the request is completed; however their access will not be “turned on” until their COC is received.

Since a Teaching Assistant can have access to grades, your TA must sign and agree to the WVU eCampus Code of Confidentiality (COC) each term they are to be enrolled.

Teaching assistant privileges:

The Teaching Assistant (TA) role inside of WVU eCampus grants the TA access to nearly everything an Instructor has access to in the Control Panel, with exception to Contacts, Goals, Tests, Surveys & Pools, Teaching Style, Tool Availability and Export/Archive Course.

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