GradeSync FAQ


Instructors can use GradeSync to submit grades from an eCampus Grade Center column to STAR. Below are frequently asked questions about using GradeSync.

  1. Within the eCampus course menu, expand the Control Panel, expand Course Tools, and click GradeSync.
  2. Click either Midterm Grades or Final Grades. Subsequent steps here will assume Final Grades was chosen.
  3. A “Final Grades” area opens. The registered students and their Current Grades are listed here. A new column named “Final Grade” is also here, but does not contain any grades. Verify that the Current Grade column contains the correct grade for each student.
  4. If you set up groups in the course, they will be listed in the Visible Groups dropdown and you can choose a group. Otherwise, accept the default for Visible Groups.
  5. Open the Populate final grade from current grade dropdown menu and select Final Grade. (Depending on what you named this column, the name you see could be different.)
  6. The Final Grade column now contains the grade from the current grade column.
  7. Click within the cells of any instructors, auditors, and students getting an Incomplete, and delete the grade. (For students, enter the Incomplete directly into STAR.)
  8. If a student is getting an F for non-attendance, enter the student’s last day of attendance in the Last Day of Attendance column.
  9. Click Submit Grades in the lower right corner.
  10. You will see a verification that the grades were submitted to STAR.
  11. Log in to STAR to verify that the grades were submitted.
  12.  If you need to change the Midterm or Final Grade after submitting through GradeSync, update the grades in the Grade Center first and then submit again through GradeSync. Click Clear Grades on form.
Follow the instructions in the GradeSync Instructor Guide for detailed instructions. 
  1. Log in to eCampus and navigate to the correct course.
  2. In the Control Panel, click Grade Center then Full Grade Center.
  3. Within the Grade Center, hover over Create Calculated Column, then click Total Column or Weighted Column. (Only select Weighted Column if graded items in the course need to be weighted by a certain percentage. You can find more on Weighted Columns on the Blackboard Help site.)
  4. Enter a Column Name. (This could be “Midterm Grade” or “Final Grade.”)
  5. Set the Primary Display to either Score or Letter. The other options will not work.
  6. Set the Secondary Display to None.
  7. Choose the columns or categories you wish to include in the new Total column by clicking their names.
    Note: When selecting columns, do not include any Total columns. For example, do not include the Midterm column when calculating the Final Grade.
  8. Click the arrow icon to move the columns over to Selected Columns.
  9. Select No for Calculate as Running Total.
  10. Scroll down to the Options area and select No so that you do not include this column in the Grade Center calculations.
  11. Click Submit.
  12. In the Grade Center, set this new column as the External Grade column by hovering within the new column, clicking the chevron, and choosing Set as External Grade.
    Note: If you use a grading scale other than the default 10 point letter grade scale, follow the steps here to edit the grade schema in the course.

View the GradeSync Instructor Guide for detailed instructions. 

Follow the instructions in the Working Offline with the Grade Center video to upload grades using an Excel spreadsheet. Instructors should create columns in the Grade Center prior to downloading their Grade Center in Excel format.
Yes, GradeSync automatically adds the + or = marks specified in the Course Grading Schema. View the Grading Schemas Guide to learn more. 
Yes, Instructors must update grades for students making up incompletes using the Grade Modification process in STAR.
The Office of the University Registrar hasn't opened the grade forms or the grades have already been rolled to academic history in STAR.
A green bar with a "Grades Submitted" message will display at the top of the GradeSync screen. It's also best practice to check STAR after submitting grades in GradeSync.
The red error bar is usually the result of one of these common situations: 

- The last Date of Attendance (LDA) is greater than the course end date or the current date. 

- The grades submitted don't match the grading mode that the student is registered for in STAR. For example, if a student registered for a course using the Pass/Fail grade mode and the instructor enters a letter grade other than P or F. 
GradeSync uses the External Grade column. 
An LDA must be submitted when you submit a grade of "F" due to non-attendance. 
This happens when a student who is not enrolled in STAR has a grade on the GradeSync form. You must clear the student’s grade cell on the form and resubmit. Some examples are the Instructor_PreviewUser and any student who is making up an incomplete, but not enrolled in STAR.



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