Respondus 4.0 for Instructors


Respondus lets you create and manage online or paper exams. You can import questions from plain text files or Microsoft Word documents if they adhere to a standard format. You can also export questions from Respondus to StudyMate. 

Respondus is free for WVU faculty. Follow the steps below to download Respondus and review the guides for navigating and using Respondus software.  Respondus strongly recommends that you create a short, ungraded practice quiz for your students to take before you give a graded exam. This gives your students a chance to get familiar with the Respondus software before taking an actual test.

Download Respondus 4.0:

  1. Click to begin downloading Respondus 4.0.
    Note: You may receive a warning message but you can safely ignore this. If the file is saved onto a computer, double click the downloaded file to install. Uninstall any previous versions by going into the computer’s Control Panel.
  2. Click Run or Save when prompted.
  3. Contact the ITS Service Desk for the Activation Code. A new license code is needed each year in August.
  4. To activate Respondus, enter the following information when prompted:
  • Institution Name: West Virginia University
  • Local Support Contact: ITS Service Desk
  • Installation Password: Enter the activation code received from ITS Service Desk.

Respondus 4.0 training and tutorials:

Respondus frequently hosts training webinars. Visit to register for an upcoming session. Respondus also hosts guides and video tutorials at We recommend checking out these guides to get started: 


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