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eCampus is the Blackboard-powered learning management system used at WVU to ensure that students and faculty can access course content from anywhere. View the resources below for more information on teaching with eCampus and how to upload content in Google Drive and share it within your eCampus course.

Note: ITS recommends storing content in Google Drive and linking to it in your eCampus course to reduce the load on the eCampus infrastructure (ex. Word docs, PowerPoint files, PDFs, etc.). Continue to use eCampus for assignments and tests. 

More information about remote teaching, course planning and contingency preparedness is available at the Teaching and Learning Commons website.

eCampus information:

Below are helpful links for preparing your eCampus course for remote instruction. If you need assistance, contact the ITS Service Desk.

Link Google Drive content to your eCampus course:

To reduce load on eCampus, ITS recommends storing course content in Google Drive (including all documents, PowerPoint files, PDFs, etc.) and linking to the content in your eCampus course. Students will be able to access any documents shared from your Drive as long as they are logged into Google with their MIX account. Follow these instructions to add a link to a document in your Google Drive to your eCampus course. 

Watch the YouTube video: eCampus: Sharing Files From Google Drive

For more information on Google Drive, view the article Google Drive for Faculty and Students

Step 1: Upload a File to Google Drive 

  1. Log into with your MIX account. 
  2. Click New to add content (you can create a folder, upload a file or folder, or create new Google Docs, Sheets or Slides). 
  3. Right-click the item you want to link to in your eCampus course. 
  4. Click Get shareable link 
  5. Click the switch button to turn link sharing on. 
  6. Copy the link from the pop-up window. 

Note: After copying the link, do not copy anything else. Move on to the next step immediately. 

Step 2: Add a web link to your eCampus Course

  1. From one of your Course Content pages, click the Build Content drop-down menu and select Web Link
  2. Name the link. 
  3. Paste the URL you copied in Step 1.
  4. In the Description field, tell students to log into Google Drive using their MIX (WVU Login) credentials to access this link.
  5. Under Web Link Options, select Yes to open the link in a new window. 
  6. Click Submit to add the link to your Course Content page.

For assistance with eCampus or Google Drive, contact the ITS Service Desk at (304) 293-4444. 



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