Student Registration Issues and Errors


Below are solutions to common student registration error messages. If you are receiving an error message that is not listed or are unable to resolve your problem with the information below, contact the ITS Service Desk.

Registration error messages:

  • Error: Unable to register at this time

You may be attempting to register before their priority date. Refer to the pre-registration timeline. Contact Office of the Registrar, Registration Unit at 304-293-5355 to make sure you are registering in the correct priority period.  

  • Schedule Error: Unable to register as time block is reserved

This error indicates you already have a class scheduled at that time.  

  • An error has occurred during the processing of your registration. Please try to submit again. 

This is an infrequent error related to the student's curriculum status. Contact the Office of the Registrar, Registration Unit at 304-293-5355 to have it corrected. 

  • Link Error 

This error occurs because there is an associated lab with the chosen course. You must also register for the lab section. The course information will tell you what lab you need. Refer to the notes on the course catalog at or For questions or concerns, please contact Office of the Registrar, Registration Unit at 304-293-5355.

  • Level Restriction 

The course is not available to you. (Ex: Undergraduates may not register for graduate level courses.)

  • DF Repeats 

Refer to the Undergraduate (UG) Catalog or Call the Office of the Registrar, Registration Unit at 304-293-5355 and talk to the Academic History Unit for details.

  • Error: Not permitted to register in this course 

The course has a restriction on it, such as class rank, major, or honors only. You may look up the class at or to view the class restrictions listed on the class and what they mean.

  • Departmental Approval needed

Contact the department the course is associated with (Ex: Contact the Economics department for ECON classes). If you cannot find a phone number for the department in question or are unsure of the associated department, please contact the Campus Operators at 304-293-0111.

  • Error: Section Closed 

The class is already full and the section will not accept more registrations. If you must register for the course, contact the instructor about an override.

  • Blocked Error 

If you receive an error that says you are blocked, you can view the cause of the block by logging into STAR and clicking on the Student Services and Financial Aid menu, selecting Student Records, and then View Holds. For further questions, contact the Office of the Registrar, Registration Unit at 304-293-5355.

  • Student Status Prohibits Registration 

This error indicates that you are not an active student. If you are an undergraduate and didn't stay consecutively enrolled for Fall and Spring terms, your record was made inactive and you must reapply.

  • Page cannot be displayed

Log directly into STAR Web at If you receive a message to contact the Office of the Registrar, Registration Unit, please call 304-293-5355 to check the status of your STAR Web account.




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