Print a Class Roster from STAR


Faculty can print rosters for the classes they teach through STAR.

How do I print a class roster from STAR?

  1. Log into the WVU Portal.
  2. Click the STAR button. 
  3. Click Faculty & Advisors.
  4. Click on either the Detail Class List link or the Summary Class List link, depending on how much detail you would like to print.
  5. Select the correct term.
  6. Select the correct course.
  7. Print the information on the screen using the print feature in your browser's toolbar.
    • Internet Explorer: Click File on the toolbar, and then click Print.
    • Firefox: Click File on the toolbar, and then click Print.
    • Google Chrome: Click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the browser), and then click Print.
    • Safari: Click File on the toolbar, and then click Print. First, make sure the screen you wish to print is selected.


If you see the word "Confidential" appear by a student's name, please note that the student has completed a form in the Office of the University Registrar requesting that no acknowledgment of them being a student is provided to anyone outside the University.

If you are printing to a departmental Konica Minolta copier, you can use the Secure Print feature to make sure others do not accidentally pick up your printed class rosters.



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