Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account Information


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that provides servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. View Amazon's What is Cloud Computing? page to learn how cloud computing works. 

Before you request an AWS account, please read the information below.

With AWS, you pay for what you use. Costs can accrue quickly. Pricing for each service is listed on the AWS website. Use the AWS Pricing Calculator to learn about cost before you submit your request and start to use your new account. Discuss your project with DLT Solutions, our partner for Amazon Web Services, and they can provide a cost estimate.

DLT Solutions is your point of contact for all AWS billing questions. A representative from DLT Solutions will contact you for funding information when you submit a request for a new AWS account. Options are monthly P-Card charge or up-front payment.

You can view usage information on the AWS Billing Console, or a daily/weekly billing summary can be emailed to you. DLT will send a statement showing charges for the month. To guard against runaway bills, be sure to turn off AWS services when they are not in use and check your charges frequently.

AWS has a "shared responsibility model" for information security and compliance. Because you are building systems on top of the AWS cloud infrastructure, the security responsibilities will be shared.

AWS is responsible for security OF the cloud. The customer is responsible for security IN the cloud. ITS is responsible for your access TO the cloud. This includes management of the AWS agreement, maintaining “root account” credentials and configuration for use with WVU Login.

No data that the University considers Sensitive Data can be stored in AWS, including PHI, PII, and covered financial information. For more information, review the Sensitive Data Policy.

Our agreement with DLT Solutions includes access to a free, pre-request consultation. Contact our DLT Sales Associate, Jake Gillespie, at or 800-262-4DLT (4358) to arrange a call. DLT also offers professional services to help with building out your project in AWS.
  1. Visit the Amazon Web Services Account Request page and click Submit a Ticket. You may be prompted to sign in with your WVU Login credentials.
    1. Provide the information required in the boxes with the red asterisks (*) next to them.
    2. Add any additional information, if needed.
    3. Review the Sensitive Data Practices and Storage FAQ article and then select either Yes if your data is sensitive, or No, if it is not.
    4. If you need DLT support, select Yes. If you are not requesting DLT support, select No.
    5. Review the explanation for the data egress waiver and then indicate whether the account is eligible to participate. This means that the workload you anticipate running on this account is not an excluded workload (MOOC, media streaming, or web media hosting) and/or that you do not anticipate your Data Egress charges to exceed 20% of your monthly utilization charges.
    6. Read the AWS Account Agreement thoroughly and then select Yes to agree.
    7. Click Request.
  2. WVU Information Security reviews the request with the technical contact named in your request. Once Information Security approves, the request is sent to Cloud and Virtualization Services. 

  3. A representative from DLT Solutions will contact you for funding information. DLT Solutions is our partner for Amazon Web Services and your point of contact for all AWS billing questions. Options are monthly PCard charge or up-front payment. You will receive several emails from the DLT Operations Center. They include:

    • Welcome to DLT Solutions
    • Support request received – new account request
    • Ticket has been solved – new account request is complete
    • New account for West Virginia University – AWS on-boarding is now complete
    • Your new AWS Account – Managed Services and Onboarding

Note: While you may receive the email indicating that the AWS account is created, ITS has to complete steps to allow use of WVU Login credentials. You will be notified when you can login.

Visit the Amazon Web Services Account Request page and click AWS Account Request. You may be prompted to sign in with your WVU Login credentials.

  1. Provide the information required in the boxes with the red asterisks (*) next to them.
    Note: To obtain your AWS Account ID for the request, sign into your AWS account and click your name in the top-right navigation pane. Your AWS ID is the 12-digit number under the Account Settings section.

  2. Read the AWS Closure Agreement thoroughly and select Yes to agree.

  3. Click Request.

Once your AWS account is created, you will receive an email confirming the creation of your new AWS account. The email also provides a link that takes you to sign-on with WVU Login credentials for access to the AWS Management Console. If you experience issues when accessing your account, try clearing your browser cache

DLT Solutions offers a Standard Support Package for AWS. The cost is 10% of total AWS spend. The Standard Support Package includes:

  • Telephone Support: The DLT Service Center (DSC) provides telephone support as a key component of DLT’s Standard Support Package for AWS. Telephone support is available 24/7, with all calls answered by a live operator within 10 seconds.
  • Online Support: The DSC supports email-based inquiries for opening new tickets or requests for updates on existing tickets.
  • Customer Training

The Standard Support Package is specifically designed to support request relating to:

  • “How to” questions about AWS services and features.
  • Best practices to help integrate, deploy, and manage AWS services.
  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with AWS resources.
  • Issues with the AWS Management Console or other AWS tools.
  • The DLT Cloud Advisory Group and certified Architects are available to provide pre-sales consultative information relating to the AWS platform as well as other cloud services, their models, their usage, and best practices. If desired, DLT Solutions can develop custom training courses specifically tailored to the AWS resources being purchased. AWS also offers a wide collection of documents, articles, forums, and webcasts that provide everything from high level overviews of AWS services to technical deep dives at

The DSC is available for technical support 24/7 year round. Visit the links below for more AWS information: 



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