Banner is the official student system of record. Administrative forms are used to find core student data, lift holds, build schedules, and update other student information. STAR, the self-service portion of Banner, allows you to see courses, enter grades, and view academic history and other student information.

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Banner (STAR INB) for Faculty

Information about STAR INB and the Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS).

Training information is provided by the Office of the University Registrar:

Banner (STAR SSB) for Students

STAR (Banner SSB or STAR Web) is used for student records, enrollment and transcripts.

Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS)

Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS) is a document management and imaging system integrated with the STAR Banner system.

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Differences Between STAR (Banner) INB and SSB

Difference between STAR (or Banner) INB and STAR (or Banner) SSB.