See a short overview movie and learn how to set up favorites (shipping addresses, accounts, cart assignees), how to set up an email approval code, and how to choose your notification method.

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How to Request Additional Access in Mountaineer Marketplace

How to request access for approving requisitions or viewing organization documents in Mountaineer Marketplace.

Mountaineer Marketplace Overview

Learn about Mountaineer Marketplace, WVU's online shopping portal.

Setting Up a Default Shipping Address in Mountaineer Marketplace

Set up a default shipping address to save time when completing your order.

Setting Up a Favorite Account in Mountaineer Marketplace

Set up a favorite account so that you can save time when completing your order.

Setting Up a Default Cart Assignee in Mountaineer Marketplace

If you will typically need to forward your purchases to a specific employee in your unit, setting up a default cart assignee will save you time.

Set Up an Approval Code in Mountaineer Marketplace to Approve Purchases or Forms From an Email

Mountaineer Marketplace approvers can set up a code so that they can approve purchases from an email.

Choosing Your Notification Method for Mountaineer Marketplace Purchases

Choose how to be notified of a Mountaineer Marketplace purchase.