The Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC) negotiates discounted software agreements with vendors allowing us to extend these savings to faculty, staff and students. Below is a list of software that is available along with information about eligibility and how to order or download.

SLIC also offers software licenses that can be purchased for personal devices with personal funds. To learn more, visit the Software for Personally Owned Computers page found in the list below.

To purchase software that is not currently licensed by WVU, please complete the IT Purchase Approval form

For any software questions you will need to complete the Software Assistance option found on the WVU Software form

Articles (28)

Adobe (Other Software)

Adobe products available through SLIC.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Information about Adobe Creative Cloud software for WVU students, faculty and staff.


Software licensing information for AMOS.


Information about Autodesk purchasing and installation.

Bomgar (BeyondTrust)

Licensing information for Bomgar (BeyondTrust).


Download ChemDraw for free.

CRM Individual Subscription (Enrollment Management)

Licensing information for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Information about purchasing and installing EndNote.

File Compression Software

How to access file compression software for free.

Fonts and Branding

Learn how to obtain fonts and other branding elements of the WVU brand.


Information about Gaussion purchasing and installation.


Information about JMP purchasing and installation.


Software licensing information for KioWare.

LinkedIn Learning (Previously

Information about purchasing a LinkedIn Learning license.


Software licensing information for Mathematica.


Information about MATLAB installation.

Microsoft Audio Conferencing

Licensing information for Microsoft audio conferencing.

Microsoft Office

Install Microsoft Office for free.

Microsoft Windows

Licensing information for Microsoft Windows.

Other Microsoft

Software licensing information for other Microsoft products.

Project Pro for Office 365

Licensing information for Project Pro.

Qualtrics Survey Software

Qualtrics is a web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. All current WVU employees and current students can use Qualtrics for WVU academic and WVU business purposes.


Link to licensing information for SAS.

Software for Personally Owned Computers (Personal Funds)

Information about purchasing software for personally owned computers using personal funds.


Information about SPSS purchasing and installation.


Software licensing information for TeamDynamix.

Virus Protection for WVU Students, Faculty and Staff (Sophos)

WVU students, faculty and staff can download Sophos anti-virus software for free.

Visio Pro for Office 365

Licensing information for Visio Pro.