Learn how to share Office 365 mailboxes, folders and contacts.

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Automatic Reply Messages for Shared Mailbox Accounts

Automatic reply messages can be set up in shared mailbox accounts by those who are Full Access Delegate roles over the account.

How to Share and Access Shared Folders in Outlook Web App

How to share Office 365 folders and access them using Outlook Web App.

How to Share Office 365 Folders in Outlook for Windows

How to grant permission for others to be able to view or control a shared folder in Office 365.

Problems Moving Shared Mailbox Items

Inability to move items from one location to another in a shared mailbox account or duplicate items appearing may be due to inadequate permissions.

Shared Mailbox Accounts and Outlook's Offline Cache

Shared Mailbox accounts have the potential to greatly impact the size and performance of a user's offline cache file in the Outlook client. This article includes recommendations as to how to minimize this impact.

Shared Office 365 Email Folders and Permission Levels

An overview of how to share folders or access shared folders in Office 365, including links to articles with instructions specific to Outlook for Windows, Mac and Outlook Web App.

Add a Shared Mailbox Folder in Outlook for Windows

Instructions for viewing a shared mailbox folder in Outlook.

Send Emails through a Shared Mailbox

How to send emails and appointments through a shared mailbox in Office 365.

How to Share and Access Shared Folders in Outlook for Mac

How to access a shared mailbox folder in Outlook for Mac.