Learn how to set up Duo, generate backup codes, add a device and more.

To get started, watch the introduction video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj5f1ZOLDHg&t and review the articles below.

Articles (13)

Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQ

Have a question about two-factor authentication? Start with our Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQ!

Set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication on a Phone or Tablet

How to set up Duo two-factor authentication on a mobile device.

Add a Duo Display Token

Follow these steps to set up a Duo hardware token device for Duo authentication.

Authenticate with Duo

How to authenticate using a push notification or passcode to get into WVU systems.

Set Default Duo Authentication Device

Instructions for changing your authentication method for Duo.

Generate and Print Duo Backup Codes

How to generate Duo passcodes in case you need a backup authentication method.

Add a New Device to Your Existing Duo Account

How to set up Duo two-factor authentication on a new mobile device.

Remove Old Device from Duo Account

Instructions for removing an authentication device.

Resync Duo Display Token

Follow these troubleshooting steps if you're unable to authenticate with your Duo display token.

Backup and Restore Duo Account

This feature lets you restore your existing Duo accounts when setting up a new iOS or Android device.

Allow Notifications from Duo Mobile App

How to enable Duo notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

Set up Duo Push Notifications

How to set up automatic push notifications to your phone or tablet.