Training materials to help you use the Outlook Desktop Client and the Outlook Web App.

ITS does not support email/calendar clients or “native” apps, meaning those automatically installed by a mobile device manufacturer. The recommended way to access University email/calendar is either through a locally installed copy of Outlook/Outlook Mobile or by accessing Outlook on the Web.

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Pinned Article Outlook Email Basics

Find helpful links and training resources for Outlook email.

Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac to Connect to Office 365

This article explains how WVU faculty and staff configure Outlook 2016 to connect to their accounts.

Configure Outlook Client for Windows

How to install and configure Outlook to connect to a WVU account.

Configure Outlook for Linux Evolution

How to configure Outlook for Linux Evolution.

Create a WVU Email Signature

Learn how to create a WVU email signature in Outlook.

Daily Email Limit

The daily email limit in Office 365 is 10,000 recipients.

File Attachment Limits and Restrictions in Office 365

Restricted file types and email attachment limitations in Office 365.

Find Attachments in Outlook Desktop Client Conversation View

How to view attachments in Conversation View in the Outlook desktop client.

How to Change the Address Book Search Order in Outlook for Windows

How to change the order in which Outlook will search for email addresses in your Address Lists and Contacts.

How to Make the Global Address List a Default Address Book

Information about the Global Address List (GAL) and how to make it your default address book.

Mailing List Comparison Chart

Compare features of Office 365 Groups, LISTSERV Lists and personal contact groups in Outlook.

Office 365 Account Types

Descriptions of the various types of Office 365 email accounts.

Office 365 Message Encryption

Office 365 email users have the ability to send and receive encrypted messages.

Out of Office Replies in Outlook

Steps to set up an automatic "out of office" reply and information about managing or automating rules.

Permission Levels and Confidential Email Messages

How to set permission levels for email messages and view confidential messages.

Reduce Outlook Account Size

Information about Outlook account size limits, how to check your account size and locate large messages, and ways to save messages outside of Outlook.

Set Up Automatic Email Forwarding from @mail Account

Instructions on how to set up automatic forwarding from @mail accounts to @mix or @hsc accounts.

Using Outlook Web App Light

A "light" version of Outlook Web App is available for users who need a more accessible client, have a low-bandwidth connection, have browser problems with the full version, or who need access to special setting options.

Email Accounts for Student Workers and GAs

Learn how to request an Office 365 account for student workers and GAs.