Information to help you access STAR in multiple browsers and as a former student.

Current students and employees should access STAR through the WVU Portal ( ).

Articles (6)

A Break In Attempt Has Occurred when Accessing STAR

Detailed steps to follow when receiving a Break In Attempt error in the STAR web system.

Course Program of Study (CPoS) in STAR

Course Program of Study (CPoS) allows students and advisors to determine whether courses in a term meet requirements for financial aid eligibility.

How to Access STAR

Steps to access STAR using Firefox, Google Chrome or a Mac computer.

Missing Links in STAR

When logging into STAR from the WVU Portal, the standard links are not showing.

STAR Apps Access

Go to to access STAR Apps or request a STAR Apps account.

STAR Information for Former Students

How former students should access the STAR system (for example, to view their transcripts).