eCommerce stores allow WVU units to collect online payments from the sale of approved goods and services, such as conference registration.

If you need a NEW store, click the link below for New WVU eCommerce Tool - TouchNet Marketplace. New stores are NOT being created in AbleCommerce.

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AbleCommerce is the legacy eCommerce tool. These articles pertain to stores created prior to August 2021.

No new stores are being created in AbleCommerce.

TouchNet Marketplace is the new eCommerce tool at West Virginia University. TouchNet Marketplace is a self-contained e-commerce solution, combining online storefronts with inventory control, order fulfillment, and financial reporting. ITS will be working with existing store owners to convert their existing Able Commerce eCommerce stores to the TouchNet system beginning in October 2021; this conversion will continue through June 2022. Watch the introduction video to learn more at