How to Use This Site

How to find answers in the knowledge base and submit requests through the service catalog.

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Learn how to create a new ticket or view and manage your existing tickets.

Style guide and templates for the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog.

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How Do I Submit An Application Request Ticket?

I used to submit tickets using the SSM Work request system, PRS system or PRMS system. Where can I submit my ticket from this portal?

Log Into the IT Self Service Site

How to log into the IT self service site.

Supported Browsers for the IT Self Service Site

A list of the supported browsers for the IT self service site.

Search the IT Self Service Site

Learn how to refine your search results for the Service Catalog and Knowledge Base.

What is TeamDynamix?

Information about how TeamDynamix (TDX) is used as an enterprise application.

How to Get Basic TD Training

Request TeamDynamix training for yourself or your group.

IT Help Site (TeamDynamix) Troubleshooting

What to do if you're denied permission to the request link from the IT self service site (TeamDynamix) ticket creation email.

TeamDynamix (Vendor) Maintenance Schedule

View the scheduled maintenance times for TeamDynamix, the vendor for the this site and the ticket and project system used by technicians.