How to access and use eCampus or eCampus Mobile (Blackboard Mobile Learn).

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Pinned Article eCampus 101 for Faculty

eCampus 101 is designed to help you become familiar with how to navigate in the eCampus system as an instructor, and to begin setting up your first course from scratch.

Add Mobile ID Attendance to an eCampus Course

Track student attendance in a course in eCampus by integrating the Mobile Attendance tool into your class.

Changing the Course Entry Point

Instructors can set any Content Area as their course entry point.

Communication Tools for Faculty in eCampus

Information about eCampus communication tools available to instructors.

Copy Course Content

Instructors and course builders can copy content from courses they are enrolled in or other instructor's courses.

Creating a Content Area

Learn how to create a Content Area.

Log Into eCampus

Learn how to log into eCampus using your Login credentials.

Read Permissions for Students

Instructors can add or restrict read permissions for files and folders in their Content Collection.

Sending Course Messages and Email in eCampus

How to send a message through your course or email to course participants.

eCampus Mobile

Install the Blackboard or Blackboard Instructor app to access eCampus mobile.

Configure eCampus Mobile Notifications and Integrate with Google Drive or DropBox

Learn how to configure eCampus Mobile by managing notifications and integrating Google Drive and DropBox.

eRS Information

Information about eRS, the eCampus course request system for faculty.

Exporting and Importing Course Packages

How to export and import entire eCampus courses.

Track Student Activity in eCampus

Learn how instructors can track student activity in eCampus.

Turnitin Access

Learn about the purpose of Turnitin and how to request an account.