Use your Mountaineer ID card to print documents in WVU buildings around campus.

MyPrinting is a web-based service. Students, faculty and staff can print securely, copy and scan at MyPrinting locations. Documents can be sent from any desktop or mobile device via email by uploading to

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Pinned Article Wireless Printing at WVU (MyPrinting)

Instead of using a personal wireless printer, use MyPrinting.

MyPrinting FAQ

If you have a question about MyPrinting, check the MyPrinting FAQ.

Upload or Email a Document for MyPrinting

Print a document by emailing or uploading it to the MyPrinting site.

MyPrinting Locations

A list of MyPrinting locations across the WVU campuses.

MyPrinting Features by Location

A list of MyPrinting features by location.

MyPrinting Installation Guide

Step-by-step instructions for installing the MyPrinting software for Windows and Mac computers.

Print From A Computer (MyPrinting)

How to print from your computer to an installed MyPrinting printer.