Internet support, ResNet (WVU.Encrypted and WVU.Play wireless networks), blocked network, multiple cable devices and more.

Articles (8)

College Park Internet

How to connect your computer or gaming device to the ResNet network using a wired Ethernet connection (for College Park only).

Connect a Google Device to WVU's Wi-Fi

Steps for connecting your Google device to the WVU.Play wireless network.

Connect Echo Dot to WVU's Wi-Fi

Learn how to connect your Amazon Echo Dot to the Wi-Fi in residence halls.

Connect to a Wireless Network in the Residence Halls

How to connect your computer or gaming device to the wireless networks in the Residence Halls.

Downloaded Music and Movies

Consequences for downloading music and movies illegally.

Internet Availability for WVU Residence Halls and Apartments

Wired and wireless internet availability and support for all WVU residence halls and apartments.

Residence Hall Slow Internet Speed

Tips for troubleshooting a slow internet connection in the residence halls.

ResNet Information and Policies

Information about ResNet and its use policy.