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Pinned Article Windows 10 Training Resources

Vendor and other helpful training resources for Windows 10.

Add, Change or Delete a Unix Account

Learn how to request a new Unix account or make changes to an existing account.

Computer Administrator Privileges

How to request administrator rights to your computer.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

How to access and submit cybersecurity risk assessments.

Find the Computer Name (Windows)

Steps for locating the computer name on a Windows 7 computer.

How to Opt Out of the ITS Nightly Reboot

You can opt out of the ITS nightly reboot by disabling the "WVU ITS Daily Computer Restart" through the Task Scheduler. These steps are for Windows 10.

Install StarRez

Employees must have access to StarRez before installing.

LNK and INK File Types

The difference between INK and LNK file types.

Microsoft Daily Briefing Email from Cortana

Learn more about the Cortana Briefing email and how it can help you manage your work.

NoMAD for Mac

Learn about NoMAD, a menu bar application that communicates directly with WVU-AD and logs you in automatically.

Open, Save and Create PDFs Without Adobe Software

How to open, view and save PDFs without using Adobe software.

Remove a Work or School Account from Windows 10 Computer

How to uncouple your work or school account from your local account so it can be removed.

TLS 1.2 Security Protocol Update

View a list of supported configurations along with steps to update your computer.

User-Approved Kernal Extension Loading

The latest macOS update requires users to give approval before loading new third-party kernel extensions. Follow these steps if you receive a "System Extension Blocked" message when launching an application.