Technology Resources for Working Remotely

Information for WVU employees who may need to work from home.

Faculty can find more information about Contingency Planning at

Additional information and updates can be found at

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Unit-Specific Support (Contacts) Articles

Find IT support contact information by unit.

If you don't see your department listed, contact the ITS Service Desk:

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Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

Students can temporarily access Adobe Creative Cloud for free.

Set Up Phone and Email for Working Remotely

Steps to help manage call and emails while working remotely.

Working Remotely with a VPN

How to use a VPN to access employee applications.

Virtual Meetings with Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom for virtual meetings.

Office 365 FAQ

An overview of Office 365 and answers to common questions.

Generate and Print Duo Backup Codes

How to generate Duo passcodes in case you need a backup authentication method.