Current WVU employees who retire on or after February 18, 2019 will automatically receive access to a retiree email account with an suffix. This includes benefits-eligible employees at the Health Sciences Center, and the Beckley and Keyser campuses. This change does not immediately affect current retirees who have University ( or accounts.

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Have a question about WVU Retiree email accounts? Browse our Retiree Email FAQ to find information and support.

How to Log into Your WVU Retiree Email Account for the First Time

Steps for logging into your retiree email account for the first time.

How to Change Your WVU Retiree Account Password

Retirees can change their email password in the Outlook Web App.

How to Export your WVU Mail Contacts to Your Retiree Account

Retirees can export their email contacts to an external file and import them into their retiree account.

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