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Information about systems and resources that support business or administrative functions.

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WVU Portal

The WVU Portal ( is a single location for all students, admits, faculty and employees to access key information.

DBA and Developers

Information for DBA and developers, including CS440 Oracle Database Course and IDEAS account request and documentation.

eCommerce Articles

eCommerce stores allow WVU units to collect online payments from the sale of approved goods and services, such as conference registration.

Financial Services Articles

Payroll and employee processing, OASIS, MyApps and FIMS.


MAP stands for Mountaineer Administrative Processes. MAP is used for administrative functions such as: Recording budgets, expenditures, and receipts; creating new employee positions, adding new employees, and submitting payroll; purchasing goods and services; and maintaining asset records.

Project Management Articles

Project requests and information.

Purchasing Articles

Mountaineer Marketplace and PCard.

Reporting Articles

Information about My Reports and Argos.

Talent and Culture

WVU employment and other human resource functions.

MyExpenses Articles

MyExpenses is WVU’s mobile-friendly version of an electronic reimbursement and PCard reconciliation tool. This software system is designed to eliminate waste, and reduce both inefficiency and employee frustration over slow, paper-based processes.

MyTravel Articles

MyTravel is WVU’s travel booking tool that synchronizes airfare, hotel booking and car rentals in a single system.

Additional Administrative & Business Topics

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