The MyTime suite of web applications is available to WVU employees through the WVU Portal. The system is designed to allow employees to manage their time resources through electronic access to time clocks, time cards and leave balances. MyHR is also available through the WVU Portal and enables employees to update their personal information.

Categories (4)

Leave Request System in MyTime Articles

Information and troubleshooting information for the Leave Request system in MyTime.

MyHR Articles

Accessing MyHR and updating your contact information.

Courtesy assignments have a MyHR tab as well; however, some of the information being pulled is not maintained in MAP and will not be viewable.

Mailing addresses and phone numbers can be updated using the Personal Information link on the MyHR tab.

Time Card in MyTime Articles

Information and troubleshooting for time card errors in the MyTime application.

Web & Time Clock Articles

Information about recording your time worked at time clocks and web clocks.

Articles (2)

Applaud FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Applaud, the new tool that will eventually replace the Employee view in the WVU Portal.

Applaud Pilot

Information about the Applaud pilot.