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Academic systems, instructional technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning.

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Banner (STAR) Articles

Banner is the official student system of record. Administrative forms are used to find core student data, lift holds, build schedules, and update other student information. STAR, the self-service portion of Banner, allows you to see courses, enter grades, and view academic history and other student information.

WVU Portal Articles

The WVU Portal ( is a single location for all students, admits, faculty and employees to access key information.

Campus Instructional Technology Articles

Classroom technology, computer labs, iClickers and student evaluations.

Class Registration & Advising Articles

Register for classes, use Schedule Builder and view your class schedule.

Continuing and Professional Education Articles

Registering for Augusoft Lumens and troubleshooting non-credit course problems.

Course Tools Articles

Student information for various course tools, including LCSEE, CS101, IDEAL Statistics, University 101, and more.

eCampus Articles

eCampus is a web-based course management system that users can access anywhere anytime.

Additional Academic Resource Topics

Don't see a category for what you need? Browse our miscellaneous Academic Tools articles.

Bookstores & eBooks Articles

Information about textbooks, Kindle devices and eBooks purchased from the WVU Bookstore.