Learn how to set up your store so that you can sell a product or service.

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Listing a Product to Sell on Your eCommerce Storefront

How to list a product for your eCommerce storefront.

Creating a Product Template for Your eCommerce Storefront

Create a product template to capture information from the customer beyond standard payment data.

Managing eCommerce Email Templates

Email templates are sent automatically to the shopper to confirm an order or alert the shopper to a credit card failure. These templates can be customized for your store.

Adding an Image to Your eCommerce Product Description

Learn how to add an image to your product.

Adding an Image to Your eCommerce Home Page

You can add visual interest to your Home Page by adding a picture

Setting up an eCommerce Discount

You can set up a volume-based discount.

Hiding a Product No Longer for Sale on your eCommerce Storefront

How to hide a product no longer for sale on your eCommerce storefront.

Setting Up an eCommerce Coupon Code

You can give customers a coupon which will enable them to purchase the item at a discounted price.